Latest 5 Denim Jeans Trends To Wear for Women in Fall 2020

Feb.05, 2021

If you are not someone who closely follows all the different fashion runways during fashion time or someone who spends hours in the street style, don't worry. We did the research for you-thankfully, the runways and streets were filled with 2020 denim trends that we can’t wait to wear as soon as possible.

If you’re going to find your dream denim jeans, Jurllyshe is a great chance. Cos, from flared fits and patchwork jeans to ripped whole and skinny beauts, even the slouchy mom styles, We attach great importance to denim. We do know how difficult it is to navigate so many different cuts, washes, and styles. Therefore, no matter what your style, shape, and occasion, we will put together this simple cheat sheet to find the perfect pair of jeans. So you can handle it right.


1. Patchwork Jeans

Thanks to Dior's 2021 Cruise exhibition, we saw the patchwork denim--in slouchy styles with plenty of fabric come back. For those who remembered patchwork denim when they were born, it is difficult to eliminate the idea of tassels, suede, and triangle tops, but rest assured, there are many ways to integrate patchwork denim into fashionable outfits, such as the ripped whole and flared hem elements, without having to work hard first enter the peaceful and loving hippie movement.

patchwork jeans

Image source: Jadedldn 

patchworks denim

Image source: Boohoo

How to style them? A naturally casual denim jean style, they are most suitable for plain white T-shirts and casual shoes such as boots and sneakers. Bring it back this season rocking our super cute patchwork boyfriend jeans, pair it with a matchy-matchy jacket & bucket hat for ultimate outfit goals!

2. Split Hem Flares

Thanks to Victoria Beckham's advocacy of the split-hemmed design in her SS19 show, the spit open hem style has become popular and popular ever since, and several well-known denim brands have adopted it as a logo. M.i.h. For example, there are excellent high-rise kick flared with a side split and Nasty Gal spent a long time in the tailoring of split hem in boyfriend's jeans.

split hem jeans

Image source: Flamingo

Jurllyshe now has lots of split hem pants. Maintaining our re-awakened love for true denim, split hem flares are the jeans style that allows for a modicum of body con, without creating carrots out of your legs with elasticated fabrics and allowing for a rock-and-roll boot.

How to style them? One of the advantages of the split-hem is that it's a new concept, and doesn't isolate itself in either the 'smart' or 'casual' categories. These ripped hem jeans would look amazing with any graphic tee you own. Such as pair it with a crop top or slouchy tee for casual moments, or with a blazer and heeled shoes for a night-club.

3. Ripped and Distressed Jeans

Kourtney Kardashian gives us throwback 90’s vibes with ripped jeans. The ripped and distressed jeans have been transitioned into a street style staple. It is considered and associated with the most fashionable dressing. love them or hate them, ripped and distressed denim is on-trend and in the limelight in 2020. Street stars and celebrities have shown us all the ways to style ripped jeans this fall.

ripped jeans

Image source: Jurllyshe

ripped jeans

Image source: Romwe

How to style them? Any kind of outfit can be paired with. A blazer, cardigan, short dress, peplum top, crop top anything, in short, would be perfect to wear with the jeans. Try pairing your favorite ripped jeans with a flow-y blouse and heels. Or a long-sleeved white tee for a classic fall style.

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