Malaysian hair vs Brazilian hair, Which to choose

Feb.21, 2021

How to choose Brazilian hair and Malaysian human hair, when you buy good human hair? This article will help you to realize what’s the difference between Brazilian hair with Malaysian hair. Then you can choose the proper human hair you won’t regret it, I promise.

Whatever you are the first time to buy hair online or not. You can take the way I say as a reference for shopping human hair tips. Normally, people buy 100% human hair, virgin human hair, remy human hair and non-remy human hair.

By the way, it's coming more expensive to buy 7A remy human hair, relative to normal human hair. Because the 7A remy human hair uses the best quality of human hair. And the hair maintains the same good quality, uniform hairline.

 Malaysian curly weave hair vs Brazilian curly weave human hair

Brazilian Human Hair

Brazilian hair is so popular with the Africans, it can be the largest market share among all sorts of human hair. Why is it to be so magical? Because it is uber Versatile.

The texture of the Brazilian hair is really smooth and really really soft. Brazilian hair can hold deep wave hair, straight and body wave human hair all well.

What’s good about it is it has a natural wave as well. So you can easier wear your hair straight by flattening it out.

Or you can actually have a nice beach weight to it and it holds curls brilliantly. So if you like to do those Kardashian kinds of wash, then that curls will be a great one to use. And this is why Brazilian curly hair always ranks in the first location in the hair online store, not Brazilian straight hair or any other type of hair.

Brazilian come really versatile personal as well. It can blend into a lot of different hair types so its really awesome and has lovely volume to it as well. Especially when you’re doing the curls.


Malaysian hair bundles

Malaysian human hair is lovely, the super smooth and shiny. It’s very very shiny. Don’t get me wrong, after a few washes that do kind of come back to normal levels.

The main difference between Malaysian human hair and Brazilian human hair is that Malaysian hair is actually a lot denser. The follicles are denser so it actually appears a lot fuller.

So if you like the super volume styles with not having to use so much hair, Malaysian hair is a good option to choose. And because it’s denser, it does tend to hold a lot more of proteins and the natural oils in it, especially if you’re getting virgin hair. So that it’s going to last a little bit longer.

However, something to bear in mind:

Malaysian hair does tend to get a little bit dry because of its natural density if you do not maintain it. Because it’s dense it takes a little while to get it back in there once it’s out of that moisture and stuff because it's so thick. Otherwise, the hair is gorgeous in that sense as well with maintenance.

So, I do prefer to recommend the Brazilian human hair to you, But Malaysian hair is great if you can put in the effort to maintain it. And if you like that sleek straight style, It can take a beating, Both Great. Those are what I share the differences between Brazilian Hair and Malaysian human hair.