Matching Skills-5 Most Common Body Shapes Of Women

Feb.23, 2021

5 body shape types

Summer has arrived, how to dress more beautiful in this colorful season? Today, we have tailored the summer dressing tips for you. Here are five of the most common body types of women. Everyone wants to find the perfect shape, but how is the “perfect body shape” supposed to be? With fashion trends changing fast, I believe no matter which shape you are, you can find the applicable trend matching skills and features.

1. Pear Shaped Body Type

2. Apple Shaped Body Type

3. Hourglass Shaped Body Type

4. Rectangle Shaped Body Type

5. Round Shped Body Type

1. Pear Shaped Body Type

  pear body shape type

Pear Shaped Body Type is also know as triangle shape. This shape is characterized by large hips which are wider than your bust. Other features of this body shape are thick waist, slender arms and shoulders. Your weight is distributed around your hips and legs, rather than your upper body. 

Dressing for a pear shaped figure means choosing clothing that draws attention to the bust and a clear waist.

It doesn’t matter if you have thick hips and legs, the wide-leg pants can be a great help for you! And our wide leg jumpsuit, two piece dress set and two piece top and pants (pants with wide leg) are perfect for you!

 2. Apple Shaped Body Type

apple body shape type

Apple Shaped Body Type is also know as an inverted triangle shape. This body shape is uaually evenly proportioned, with wider shoulders and chest but narrower hips. This type has no clear waistline. This type is similar to Naomi Campbell.

Dressing for an apple shaped figure means choosing clothing that minimizes the bust and creates a clear waistline.

Privately whispered: I feel that this figure is the most easy to wear sexy slut ~! You can wear a loose long T-shirt with a short skirt, the Parisian most favorite “boyfriend wind” is so simple.

 3. Hourglass Shaped Body Type

hourglass body shape type

Hourglass Shaped Body Type is also known as curvy shape. This body shape is equally balanced on top and bottom. That is almost equal hip and bust dimensions and a narrower waist measurement. Your shoulders are slightly rounded and your legs are proportional to your upper body.

There is no doubt that the jumpsuit is your best partner! Your body proportion will make the jumpsuit more charming and sexy~

 4. Rectangle Shaped Body Type

rectangle body shape type

Rectangle Shaped Body Type is know as straight shape. A woman with a rectangle-shaped type doesn't have a clear waistline. rectangle shape is more or less straight up and down. The major challenge for women who have a rectangle shape is to create a clear waist illusion that will make them look more like they have an hourglass shape.

If your shoulders, waist and hips are similar, the "boyfriend style" loosely cut jeans are perfect for you.

 5. Round Shped Body Type

round shape type

A round or oval shape is typically characterized by a large chest, narrow hips, and a complete abdomen. Your stomach, back and upper body will gain your weight. You also have flat hips and slender legs.

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