Best Christmas Sales 2020 in Jurllyshe: Biggest Surprise for You!

Jan.29, 2021

Christmas sales online in Jurllyshe is coming, it's the biggest discount throughout the year. You can get the best fashion at the lowest price! Only from Dec.18 to Dec.26, GO! GO! GO!

Christmas Sales

After this incredible year, we all feel terrible now, but a merry Christmas is still there waiting for us, let’s forget all the sadness and just shopping for fun at the end of 2020! With new fashionable dresses and optimistic emotion, we believe that there will be a happy new year!

I know, pretties, you are all tired of that insincere promotion from other stores, but Jurllyshe will never be like those brands who only make the dead stock on sale. As one of the best cheap online clothing stores, Jurllyshe is serving up sitewide savings during Christmas, and it’s really an amazing promotion. Don’t be hesitant, go and get the cost-efficient fashion!

During the Christmas sale, from Dec.18 to Dec.26, if you spend $599, it will reduce $100 automatically, so it just costs $499 to take $599 products. If it reaches $299, we will save $50 for you. If it reaches $199, it will reduce $30. When reaches $99, reduces by $15. Even you only pick $39 products, we still reduce $5 for you! For some special products, it is up to 80% off! For wigs, we will offer 12%-14% off. And for accessories and hottest plus size garments, it is up to 50% off. All amazing discounts are waiting here for you!

Emphasize again, this promotion is for whole stores, no matter stacked leggings or cute rompers you pick, as long as it attains $39, you can get Jurllyshe’s warming bonus.

Even the Christmas party is abandoned, but if wear this festive red florescent winter jacket, there will still be a strong festive atmosphere at home, with the double benefits of regular discount with Christmas sale, the final price will be only $37.52, you can save at least $11.19 in spite of just buying one coat.

florescent winter jacket

As for some matching set outfits, if only buy one set, we will save $5 for you as well. But our greatest goal is always to gain the $100 benefit! The more garments we pick, the more money we can save!

matching set

matching set

matching set

Except for the Christmas sale, there are still some regular coupons you can use like 8% off for new sweety registers. Welcome to explore more surprises in Jurllyshe!

Jurllyshe is running the biggest sale throughout the year from Dec.18 to Dec.26 on all items, the Christmas sales 2020 is too unbelievable to miss. Come and take our sincere feedback for you!