The Dress Sense Of African American?

Feb.23, 2021

You can see a lot of casual african americans: middle-aged women wearing vest shorts swaying on the street, young women wearing dresses and pulling a pair of slippers, not to mention men, almost how to wear How to wear it comfortably, shorts, vests, slippers... don't pay attention to the taste, don't pay attention to the dignity, don't care what others think. Really?

Why African Amercian Dress Casual?

In the American people's concept, dressing should not be too much restraint, so the most important thing to dress is comfort.

Whether it is normal outfit or casual outfit, 100% cotton T-shirts, shirts and jeans are the favorite of Americans. No matter the elderly, children or young people, they usually wear loose and comfortable casual outfits and sports shoes.

casual dress on the street

In their opnion, they should dress comfort when need to relax, especially in rural California, whter the sunshine all year round, and there are not many formal occasions to attend, even for the working code farmer, who goes out in a T-shirt (plaid shirt), jeans (shorts) and sneakers (slippers).Americans tend to be comfortable rather than good-looking, so it's not unusual to wear casual clothes on the street.

Don’t Americans Care About Their Image?

Most Americans still pay attention to the occasion very much. It is one aspect to dress comfortably, but the requirement for dressing in life and work is another aspect. What to wear for leisure, what to wear to a fancy restaurant, what to wear to church, what to wear to work, are very particular and etiquette.

American local street brands, from Stussy and CLOT to Nike, Adidas and heavyweight Supreme, are also very cool and trendy for asians, so it’s not right to say that American aesthetics are not good.

crop top and jeans wear for casual

When people have a rich life, their wear center will gradually shift from refinement to tailoring and comfort. People care about the quality details - casual, but the feeling is noble, American fashion is a low-cost fan of eating by the sky, but it is extremely demanding on people's hearts. No matter men or women, their confidence, IQ, the sense of leisureliness and superiority are the most impotant.

In California or some cities with slower pace of life, people may not have much requirements for dressing, but if you go to a bustling place like New York, Washington, or Las Vegas, you will find that there are a lot of people who have a good taste in clothes. There are many places in the Dress Code. If you wear the wrong one, you won't let it go unless you have a special status, such as an NBA star or a singer. Therefore, Americans do not wear clothes, but only have different requirements for clothing under different circumstances.

So just enjoy it! You can dress any style!

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