The first anniversary of Jurllyshe

Jul.19, 2021

The first anniversary of the 

Countdown to Big Promotion!

Eventually, the first anniversary of the establishment of Jurllyshe.

Jurllyshe is a leading multichannel fashion retailer of women's apparel, accessories, and human virgin hair. We are willing to discover the beauty of different people all over the world and share beauty with you.

There is no difficulty in this, and the comprehensive station has experienced a perfect year. With a good start, our results this year:

Product price service


Jurllyshe has always been committed to showcasing the beauty of the world and running the website of We have always respected and served our customers from all over the world with a good attitude. Of course, most of them are women, but I believe that we are also a male-friendly website to help male friends find a dress that suits their girlfriend.


We provide a professional factory, professional designer team, excellent customer service and advertising team for our beautiful business, built in China. Our team is creative, innovative and responsible.

1. The wig factory provides collection, disinfection, cleaning, styling, packaging, sewing, and dying of virgin hair.

2. The garment factory provides fabric procurement, style design, pattern making and processing, and mass production.

3. Overseas warehouses are another professional thing we have done to improve the quality and efficiency of our services. Our first overseas warehouse is located in the United States.


As our fans increase and our business grows, our staff, factories, and overseas warehouses have been increasing. Later, we will provide stronger support for our business and provide more considerate services to our users. All the beautiful things about women in the world are things that we do our best to work hard and do.


1. We have opened a YouTube account, an ins account and a Facebook account. If there are other online platforms you want us to open, such as Pinterest, please write to me, my email is

2. Invite youtuber to try on our clothes, hair and accessories. In the future, we will introduce more bags, cosmetics and other accessories to invite red people to try. If you are a cute blogger who wants her to try on, please write to me and I will try my best to meet your requirements. My email address is

3. In addition to the video review, we also contacted a large number of magazines, entertainment news sites, blog sites to share our websites and products. If you see AfricnaMall elsewhere, please don't vote for us.

4. We can share our coupons on the coupon websites of major localities to bring better prices to users of our website. If you would like to see the coupons we share on other coupon websites, please don't hesitate to tell me that I will not postpone updating the latest event news and coupons on our website.


We have also improved our payment system, optimized the shopping process, and of course there are many imperfections that need to be upgraded. Thank you again for your love of Jurllyshe.


Invite you to enjoy the first anniversary of Jurllyshe:

Time: March 8, 2019


Activities: (A.B.C)

A. March.4-March.8


  1) Points Exchange: Any other 20 points can exchange with $1.

Note: You get 1 point for every $2 you spend.

$40(before)=20 points= save $1(later)

  2) Lucky Draw with Points: 20 Points/Per Draw.

Prize: coupons, shipping coupons, bonus, free gifts.

Go to Draw.

2.Best Price Flash Sale.

3.Mega Sale Down to $1.99.

4.3Pcs Accessories for $19.9.

New registration package.


More detailsgo Jurllyshe 1 Year Anniversary Savings Guide.


1.Buy one get one free  on special items.

2.30% OFF for Jurllyshe Design Costume, and active wear.

3.Whole store have a discount: (Except Hair)

    $8 OFF over $60

    $15 OFF over $100

    $25 OFF over $150 


1.Send free clothes 1pc over $120.

2.Free Draw  any shopping.

3.All the previous activities valid from 3.4 to 3.14.