The Trend Outfits For E-girls Wearing

Jun.18, 2020

JurllyShe clothing is not only for women, but also for teenagers. We have cute outfits for school girls and also have trend outfits for E-girls. With the development of the social medias, such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook etc, teenagers have reclaimed the name and label as a clear indicator of their own popularity, as proven by their thousands of followers. In this Blog, we will talk about the trend outfits for E-girls Wearing.

1. Plaid skirts

The humble plaid skirt is one of the important items in the E-girl wardrobe. You can pair it with sneakers with a cute crop top, or even an oversized T-shirt. Stick to red and white to maintain summer colors; or add blue or pink to enhance the overall sense. When the temperature drops, add a pair of tights with polka dots or stars on it, which will increase the ante throughout the cool weather and is absolutely cute. If you feel a little avant-garde, please hang a chain strap off the side, you will look like a walking doll.

Plaid skirts


2. Oversized T-shirts or Jumpsuits

Whether you are relaxing indoors all day or doing impromptu photography for Instagram or TikTok, why not do it in a comfortable way? These oversized T-shirts are very cute and will make you feel fresh in any situation. You can try to use metal band sweaters or quirky scenes from your favorite movies. When styling these tops, choose to add long-sleeved shirts underneath--striped jumpsuits look great with black shade, but it is always a good idea to try bright colors (such as yellow or orange). If the weather gets colder, change your long sleeves to turtlenecks to keep your body warm. Put on a pair of high-waisted jeans and sneakers, and you're good to go.

 Oversized T-shirts


3. Fashion Color Trousers/Pants

Why blend into it when you were supposed to stand out? These colorful cargo pants are not suitable for timid people, so get ready to turn heads as soon as you put them on. When choosing a size, make sure they are slightly loose across your legs-you can tighten the waist with a studded belt or have them sit at your hips.

For petite girls, please choose high-waisted trousers-this can extend your legs and give an illusion of hourglass shape. Choose colors such as neon green, fire engine red or sapphire blue-there are many options and they all look great. The aesthetic concept of E-girl is to imitate Bratz dolls, so please play in proportion and keep the upper body half sleek and fitted. Add a turtleneck to the pants, sheer crop top or long-sleeved bodysuits with the pants, and you will become the queen of every scene.

Fashion Color Trousers


 4. Crop top

Highlight your waist and showcase some skin with a crop top. There are many styles to choose from, you can match with a variety of clothing outfits. These shirts are usually worn with high-waisted pants or skirts, because they can create a perfect hourglass figure and look great for everyone. Choose a bold flame-print mesh top or a tight-fitting spaghetti strap cami. Add a few different patterns into the mix with your ensemble-try spots, stripes, heart shapes and everything in between. This isn’t a season-specific style. Try crop top with oversized coats, thick belts, layered shirts and plenty of accessories. Everything is about self-expression, so make sure you enjoy it.

Crop top


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