Tips For Dressing A Jumpsuit Or A Romper

Jul.19, 2021

jumpsuits and rompers for women

A popular saying in China is that "people rely on clothes such as horses to lean on the saddle".

The right clothing mix will make you look more beautiful, so many women are very proficient in the clothing mix, but for the other women with poor ability in matching clothing, a jumpsuit or a romper, one a simple piece slightly more elegant than a dress, will be a good choice. Although the jumpsuit has become a fashion trend 10 years ago, it is still rare to see the lady wearing them, probably jumpsuit is difficult to wear, otherwise if making the wrong choice, it’s half the effort. Today, let’s talk about the tips for dressing a jumpsuit or a romper to pick up the right clothing suits you.

1. The Relationship Between Body Shape And Jumpsuits

Ask yourself a question before choosing any item:” does it fit your body and figure?” If it doesn't work out, just give it up, it's that simple. Therefore, it is really very important to try it on, even if the online shopping return is uncomfortable, you must resolutely return if the item isn’t suit you.

A. For Waist-less Body Type

If you are very thin or have a big belly, follow the jumpsuit selection rule below: You should not focus your attention on your waistline. So you need to choose a low-waist style jumpsuit. If you have a flat stomach, go for a slim top fits on the upper body. If not, choose a loose jumpsuit.

B. For Clear Waist Line Shape

sexy romper for clear waistline shape

If you have a distinct waistline profile, a high-waisted jumpsuit will be perfect for you, and whether you are tall and fat, you can have a feminine figure. Those jumpsuits with a belt will be more stylish and elegant.

C. For Round Hips Women

open back jumpsuit

Your hip is your most confident part? But unfortunately, women who with round hips are generally not suitable for wearing jumpsuits. If you’re still a big lover of the jumpsuits, then backless and slim-leg style is your choice, which will be very fashionable while showing your perfect hip.

D. For Fuller Legs And Buttocks

elastic waist romper

For a plumper woman, if matching a jumpsuit is the first require, opt for a high-rise, drawstring style jumpsuit, but try not to choose sweatpants, silk and thin and soft fabric, because it will make your hips looking like "jelly" and fatty.

A jumpsuit with wide leg (which looks like a dress), wearing 7/8 length or touching the floor with high heels, aslo suits for plump women.

E. For Small Breasts Women

For girls with small breasts, opt for a deep V or open-back jumpsuit to show your sexy.

F. For Beauty Leg Women

For women with beautiful legs, opt for romper shorts with printed tights (thin tweed, lace, etc.). This kind of dressing adds a bit of cuteness and avant-garde to the dress.

G. For Shoulder-width Girl

Don't choose an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit or romper style. Try to choose the V-neck design so that you can visually have an interruption in the width of your shoulders.

H. The Colors Selection

If you search for "jumpsuit or romper" in google, 80% of them will be black or dark blue. If you are a person who is a fan of color and prints, you can try other jumpsuit styles; if not, I guarantee that black or dark blue is enough to make you stylish and elegant, not to mention jewelry, shoes and bags can show you The skill of the match.

2. How To Wear A jumpsuit Or Romper?

Accessories are important and indispensable for jumpsuits and rompers, especially for most women who prefer to black jumpsuits and ropmers. The first thing you need to ensure is neckline and necklace are mix, which including eye-catching jewellery, bags and shoes.

For shoes, you can choose small but feminine shoes such as classic pointed high heels or high heel sandals with long jumpsuits; or choose medium heel shoes, Mary Jane shoes (strap shoes), boots, etc. with short jumpsuits (also called rompers), and plus black or printed tights.

If you want to show your sexiness and femininity, a long jumpsuit is generally recommended to cut or roll up to the ankle length.

If you have short legs but want to look tall, cut the jumpsuits to the same level as the top of the shoes so that the pants don't show any wrinkles.

If you have a sharp waistline, wear a jumpsuit with a bold belt.

Then there is a common type of jumpsuit that is sporty and can usually be seen in the gym. The top is the most common vest. These jumpsuits are usually loose and comfortable, and with an elastic waist to make the waist looks thin. This sporty jumpsuit is also perfect for sneakers.

print jumpsuits for holiday

There are also printed jumpsuits better suit for holidays. Because of its variety of styles, there are many patterns to choose from. Women are advised to avoid patterns that ofen appear on pajamas when choosing jumpsuits. Otherwise, you’ll come out looking like wearing a pajamas. This jumpsuit is perfect for sandals, and then add a straw hat on your head, then you can go on vacation.

Strapless Tube Top Jumpsuits or Rompers

tube top sexy romper

No matter what style, too ordinary design can not meet the needs of most of women, girls want more than just beauty, but also need unique, tube top bodycon jumpsuit is a special unique style. Usually tube top will appear to be inconsistent with the occasion at any other time. But when applied to the jumpsuit, it finally solves the problem of it, and then the tube top jumpsuits show the sexy but not too arrogant.

After reading this article, have you already had your favorite jumpsuit? It is necessary to pay attention to the women with flesh on the stomach must choose the jumpsuit carefully, and finally hope that everyone can find the clothes that suit them. 

No matter long jumpsuits or short romper, wide legs or trouser legs are all good choice. 

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