Tips For Fashion Elements In 2019-2020

Oct.15, 2019

Different clothing can be created in a variety of styles and looks depending on the difference of fabrics, colors, patterns, designs, elements and matching. But no matter how they are designed, every year there are popular main elements and main designs.

The fashion week shows are the pursuit of beauty by designers. These shows enable people to keep up with the development of the trends and always maintain stylish and beautiful. Here are some fashion trends tips for 2019-2020.

1. Pencil skirt

You need to know: Gucci's Alessandro Michele is best known for his gorgeous ruffles and extravagant decorations, but the creative director tells a new story in the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The simple pencil skirt is now the new favorite of Italian luxury brands, and this minimalist design reinvents the ladylike pieces as part of a modern style uniform. Paired it with different kinds of crop tops to show different styles. Our two piece skirts set may create a fashion trends.

2. Climbing-inspired cut

You need to know: the goddess-like three-dimensional cut reshapes the spring dress in an artistic form. In London, JW Anderson's design that is fluid and breaks through conventional cuts has received the attention of fashion editors. In Paris, this style  In Paris, this style of design also contains the meaning of protecting the environment for sustainable development.

3. Lace

Although it sounds incredible, the ancient open lace process has become one of the latest leading trends in the spring and summer of 2020. Loewe's creative director, Jonathan Anderson, has become the pioneer of this design with a finely woven skirt. Similarly, Isabel Marant's peekaboo fabric represents a modern, refined bohemian style that is not at all old.

4. Hot Pants

Virginie Viard re-applied hot pants at Chanel's first personal ready-to-wear fashion show, adding a touch of youthful energy to the style of this classic brand. The message from Hermès, Isabel Marant and Dior's runway is: throw away five pants and put on shorts.

5. Trench coats

Trench coats has always been a hot item in the spring and autumn seasons. The windbreaker with a bodycon dress, or top and pencil skirt set, and then put on a pair of exquisite shoes, will never be outdated.

6. Add bright color

Autumn and winter doesn't mean dark clothes. If you want to improve the color of your wardrobe, you can blend the lifeless colors with the bright colors. Bright colors such as pink, orange, yellow and neon green can make you look more energetic and lively.

7. Velvet

Velvet used to be a very precious fabric, always associated with gorgeous and noble. However, with the evolution of the times, velvet is now a fabric that combines vintage and modern feel, and more and more items will use velvet, which makes it more and more fashionable. This fabric re-back in 2017.

Although a small area of velvet items is better (such as velvet necklaces or velvet bags), this year we recommend you to try the velvet two piece sets, the time-sensitive suit makes the velvet look less old-fashioned.

These are fashion tends in 2019-2020, improve your wardrobe and add the fashion trends clothing, always be the stylish women. Africanmall clothing will bring you new looks.