What Are Fake Scalp Lace Wigs? Does It Really Work?

Dec.22, 2019

Wigs have been popular for a long time, and the technology for making wigs is getting more and more advanced. More and more women are willing to wear wigs openly. Wearing wigs, the most important thing is how to make the wigs look natural and easy applying. A new design wig-fake scalp lace wig, has broken into our life. So, what are fake scalp lace wigs? Does it really work?

What Are Fake Scalp Lace Wigs?

What you will learn from this article:

*** The Inspiration For Making A Fake Scalp Lace Wig

*** What Are Fake Scalp Lace Wigs?

*** Does Fake Scalp Wig Really Work?

*** How To Make A Fake Scalp Yourself?

*** The Pros Of AfricanMall Fake Scalp Lace Wig

The Inspiration For Making A Fake Scalp Lace Wig

Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig is a revolution of lace wigs, inspired of the bald scalp wig wearing method. 

The idea of a fake scalp lace wig cap was inspired by a video taken by @MsPreciousMarie, while people wear the wig with a wig cap. When you wear a wig cap, it looks like you glue the hair wig to a bald head. But you have to wear a wig cap to hide your own hair.

Instead, @MsPreciousMarie cuts the stocking cap and sewed it into the front lace area of the wig as a fake scalp, so we don't have to wear or glue a stocking cap in the wig to get the same effect and influences. This is the fake scalp lace wig come from.

What Are Fake Scalp Lace Wigs?

fake scalp lace wig

Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig is also called Pre-Made Bald Cap Wig that comes with a fake scalp constructed. This new fake scalp method addresses the stiffness caused by the glue method and makes it reusable with no washing problems. With fake scalp/bald wigs, you don't have to wear a wig cap, make corn horns, do bald or fake scalp.

This fake scalp method works perfectly with the bleaching knot to provide the most natural skin separation. Use aseptic cap ,more fit the skin color ,breathable and soft. The hairline is pre-plucked to be natural, A removable and adjustable elastic band sewed for you to make your wig more secure. This is the ultimate wig that you can put on the head and step out the door.

Does Fake Scalp Wig Really Work?

Fake Scalp Wig Really Work

According to YouTube's hair experts, we must say that this fake scalp method is really effective, especially for those who suffer from the appearance of any wig camouflage: unnatural hairline, unmelted lace. In fact, it's important to make sure you use the right method to help you get a natural look. Correct use of the fake scalp method After wearing the lace wig, you can also see the improvement of the appearance and better changes.

How To Make A Fake Scalp Yourself

You will be able to separate the hair wig anywhere, and you won’t see any mesh or lace. The simplest method of fake scalp is to use Knee High. It is suitable for any type of lace wig.

1. Turn the wig inside out and put it on a mannequin.

2. Remove the comb from the wig with a razor. It will make you feel comfortable and natural. But please be careful not to make holes in the lace.

3. Sew stretchable lace as a fake scalp in the front section.

4. Bleaching knots - hide hair knots by bleaching them to a color similar to our scalp.

5. Pre-plucked hairline – a tiny single knot of approximately 0.5 inches along the hairline, making the knot more invisible.

6. Detachable elastic band – Sewn into an adjustable elastic band to hold the wig in place and flatten the hairline.

Tip: you can also purchase a wig with a pre-extracted hairline and a pre-bleached knot.

The Pros Of AfricanMall Fake Scalp Lace Wig

The Pros Of AfricanMall Fake Scalp Lace Wig

*100% human hair

*undetectable lace

*no bleaching needed

*pre plucked hairline, no tweezing

*no stocking cap needed, no bald cap needed

*no glue no cornrows needed

*ponytail, braids and bun,any hair style you want


The prefabricated fake scalp solves the problems we have encountered. All we need to do is take the wig on the head and walk, without worrying about the hard hair caused by time or glue/glue. The prefabricated fake scalp can meet our requirements, without wearing a cap, without a cap, without a cap, and minimizing the appearance of the mesh of the lace wig. With pre-bleached knots and pre-drawn natural hairline, the installation of wigs is no longer a complicated process.