What are the resources of human hair

Feb.21, 2021

Every wig is made using hair. According to this classification, it can be divided into two categories: First, the real hair and the other is the hair fiber. The hair contains the human hair and animal hair.

Some people asked, is the really good or the fiber is good? Let me say that each has its own advantages and disadvantages, especially real human hair, limited resources, and high prices, it is called the black gold chemical fiber hair, generally modified with poly Ester fiber drawing is cheap, lasting shape, crafted fiber wig, high degree of simulation is more suitable for large-scale industrial production.

where does human hair come

Today's hair supply has formed a relatively mature industrial chain. Professionals are doing everything from collecting to processing.

1. Twenty years ago, some bikers who had received their hair were riding bicycles, screaming at the streets and buying dumplings. They did not know if they had any impressions. Of course, young people may not have caught up to the hair. , Which country is the year that we have collected little by little. We only know that the big sister-in-law, the big girl's sister-in-law's big sister-in-law, cuts it from the top of the head and takes it back to the hair market to sell to the hair processing factory. In countries like India, where they believe in religion, it is said that hair can only be cut in temples and they cannot cut.

2. The hair will be lost for a long time, we will lose hair every day and then grow new ones. Therefore, the smart Southeast Asian people who are short of money have come up with a solution. Each time they comb their hair, they will accumulate. , More can also sell a little money This comes out with a special term that the industry knows: bubble hair.

3. Also, go to the barber's haircut and the hairdresser will sell the long hair cut to the hair stylist. This brings out the second source of hair: the haircut plus the big girl mentioned earlier. The daughter-in-law's sister-in-law, abbreviated as hair extension, constitutes the three major sources of modern hair.