What Color Clothes Go Well Together?

Oct.17, 2019

What color clothes go well together? In the clothing matching skills, color matching is the most important and difficult to master. Learning to match the color of the clothing requires us to understand some basic color principles and match them skillfully according to the corresponding matching skills, so that we can wear better. Today we are going to talk about the basic color matching skills.

What Color Clothes Go Well Together?

1. Master The Usage of Primary Colors, Adjunctive Colors And Intersperse Colors

The primary color is the color that occupies the most color area of the whole body, accounting for more than 60% of the whole body area. Usually used as a suit, windbreaker, coat&jacket, pants, skirt, dresses, etc.

The adjunctive color is the color that matches the main color, which is about 40% of the whole body area. They are usually single-piece tops, blazer, t-shirts, vests, etc.

The intersperse color generally only accounts for 5%-15% of the whole body area. They usually use silk scarves, shoes, bags, accessories, etc., which will play the role of ornament.

2. Natural Color Matching

In addition to yellow, orange and tangerine, all the colors with yellow background are warm colors. The warm color system usually gives a gorgeous, mature and vibrant impression. Except matching these warm color with white and black colors, you’d better use camel color, brown, coffee color.

The cold colors are seven colors that with blue background. Achromatic color that is harmonious with the cool tone, it is best to use black, gray, and colour and avoid matching them with camel color and brown.

3. Gradient Use of Colors

Method one: Choose one color system, and use the different light and shade to match, it will give vivid feeling.

Method two: The combination of different colors with same color tone also gives people harmonious beauty.

color matching skills

4. Main Colors For Blendent

Monochromatic clothing is not difficult to match, as long as you can find a harmonious color that can be matched with it, but the clothes with patterns are often difficult to dress. But if you master the following points, it is very easy.

Method one: Achromatic, black, white, and gray are eternal colors, and they can be incorporated into many complex color combinations.

Method two: When selecting a matching item, in any of the existing color combinations, select any one of the colors as the matching clothing color, giving the impression of overall and harmony.

Method three: The same color two pieces, the matching of the different color combinations in the single item with the matching single item.

5. Use Accessories

Choose the right accessories to match with your clothes, it will enhance your look, sometime a little accessory can change your whole feeling.

6. Tops And Bottoms Matching

This method is also called "sandwich matching method" or "hamburger matching method". Anyway, when you don't know how to match, there are two rules you can use.

First, the whole body color is suitable for three colors. When you don't know your style very well, no more than three colors will definitely not let you out. Generally, less overall color can reflect the elegant temperament and give a neat and clear impression.

Second, understand the proportion of color matching. The color of the whole body clothing color is avoided 1:1, especially the contrast color of the wear. Generally 3:2 or 5:3 is preferred.

 Have you known about what color clothes go well together? In fact, if you are work-women or you are going to join some important parties, these color matching skills are very important. But if just for comfortable and casual, you can wear what you want.

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