What Hairstyle Is Your Favorite For Women

Sep.29, 2019

Hair style refers to the length, color and shape of the hair, which can be observed by the naked eye. Hair style is the most important part of your looks. It is generally divided into several types-straight, body wave, curly hair, jerry curly, kinky curly, loose wave, water wave, deep wave and loose deep wave. What hairstyle is your favorite for women?

What Hairstyle Is Your Favorite

Hairstyle is very important to change one person’s temperament. The right hairstyle not only can modify your face and head shape, but also can modify your body shape in vision. Choosing the right hairstyle which is suitable for your temperament and face shape.

A beautiful hairstyle can change a lot of your image, however there are many people don’t know what hairstyle is suitable for them. So what kind of hairstyle is best for you? What hairstyle is your favorite?

1. Short Hair Or Long Hair?

Short hair or long hair, which is suitable for you? Hairdressing experts have developed a “2.25 inch golden ratio”. If the vertical length from your earlobe to your chain is less than 2.25 inches, you’d better opt for short hairstyle, like Anne Hathaway. If it’s longer than 2.25inches, keep your hair long.

2. Straight Hair Or Curly Hair?

Long straight hair and curly hair are suitable for taller women, which will increase their overall beauty. The beautiful curly hair can fully display the unique temperament of women, and on the other hand, it can cover the lack of facial features. The long curly hair can be used to make bound hair, braid hair and dish hair according to each person’s demand.

Medium long straight and curly hair need to be trimmed in layers, which is naturally soft and unconstrained, and can make up for the lack of face. Generally used to compensate for the defects of the square face, the hair on both sides of the face is covered with the tibial line, resulting in a narrow effect.

Short straight and curly hair, the biggest feature is that it is easy to comb, that is, you can use your fingers to dial and make a natural and generous hairstyle. Short hair styles vary widely, and can be trimmed into straight hair or trimmed into uneven, different levels of hair, or you can trim all short hair styles after perming. However, short hair trimming should pay more attention to the matching of the hairstyle and the face.

3. Natural Black Hair Or Dyed Hair

Dyeing hair is a very subjective aesthetic behavior, but in general, deep-skinned women can modify their skin color by dyeing hair. Different color hair dyes can be selected according to different people's skin color.

*The wine red and linen dyed hair is very suitable for yellow skin, which have a brightening effect.

*Black people are not suitable for too bright hair color, brown hair color is more suitable.

*Chocolate color hair dye: Some women’ skin types are naturally reddish or somewhat sensitive red. For this kind of skin, chocolate-colored hair dyes are especially suitable.

*Blond hair dye-this blonde hair is very suitable for white skin.

Please note: the above viewpoints are only suggestions. Whatever your skin color is, you can try all kinds of the hair color. The most important thing is your inner confidence.

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