Everything You Need To Know About Free Part Lace Closure

Jun.21, 2020

A closure, a must-have part for making a wig, loved by many women. Today we are going to talk about the free part lace closure. What is a lace closure? What is a free part lace closure? How to take care of it?

what is free part lace closure

Every woman like to try different hairstyle. For a new attractive appearance, lots of women often make new hairstyles with hair colors, flat iron, heating iron and other hair tools. As time goes by, hair tools damage their own hair with shedding, brittleness, fracture. What’s more, for black women, their hair grows very very slowly and curly, it’s difficult to have charming hairstyle.

Then, hair weave or hair bundles with closure comes out and give them various choices. They can transform your appearance in no time. So what is a lace closure?

What Is A Lace Closure?

A lace closure is an unique hairpiece in which each hair strand are hand-tied onto a piece of lace. The lace includes beige or dark brown. Lace closure is thinner than silk closure, which make it can lay flatter and last longer.

what is the difference between silk base and swiss lace

The hair closure can be placed at the center or side of your head’s front. It can be glued or sewn-in. There are various types of lace closures according to parts, sizes, colors and volume. Africanmall have free part closure, middle part closure and three part closure in hair part. Africanmall lace closures are transparent lace closure.

What Is Free Part Lace Closure?

The free part lace closure is hair strand sewn on the lace base with no part on base. Unlike the middle part or three part closure, you can part free part lace closure in any ways you like. They cover a whole area of your head and usually come in size 4x4 inches. Africanmall also offers 6x6 lace closures and 7x7 inches lace closures, the bigger the size, the more choice you have.

free part lace closuer vs middle part closure vs three part closure

A free part lace closure is the best choice when you need to do a instant hairstyle, especially for those whose hair grows slowly and who have low volume hair.

The Pros Of Free Part Lace Closure

1. It covers all your hair and provides them full protection from sun and pollution.

2. It gives you a more natural look; no one can even conclude that you have worn any braids or hair extensions.

3. There are many ways you can style your hair without worrying about damage.

4. You can bleach or tint the bottom of the closed box based on your skin tone.

The flexibility and versatility of the free-part closure makes it perfect for all types of hair, whether natural, wavy, short or receding hairline.

Free Part Lace Closure Type in Styles

1. Straight free part lace closure

Straight free part lace closure

2. Body wave free part lace closure

Body wave free part lace closure

3. Loose wave free part lace closure

Loose wave free part lace closure

4. Water wave free part lace closure

Water wave free part lace closure

5. Deep wave free part lace closure

Deep wave free part lace closure

How To Install Free Part Lace Closure?

1. Comb your hair neatly and lay down the closure to create a natural look.

2. Braid the hair well to make it flat.

3. Place the closed middle part directly above the middle part of your hair.

4. Sew or glue your free parts cover.

5. Add the remaining tracks to your wig or sewing.

6. Custom sealing effect is trimming lace. You can cut the lace directly or cut it into a shape that fits the hairline.

How To Take Care of Free Part Lace Closure?

Lace closures need to be treated gently, in order to prevent bald spot on closures, please take care of them with the following tips:

1. Use a soft bristle brush to comb the lace closure hair gently.

2. Brush the free part lace closure form the ends up to the root to avoid hair shedding.

3. When using the flat irons, rollers, curling or other heating tools, giving more extra care.

4. If needed bleached the hair knots on the lace closure, use the right and quality products and learn the right steps to bleach the knots.

5. Give your lace closure regular maintenance.

6. When you don’t use it, store the closure in a clean box or hang it properly inside your closet.

The free part lace closure has a realistic hairline that can be parted anywhere. Free-part closures are very flexible, if you are looking for an angle, diagonal parting, is for you. Shop Africanmall human hair bundles with closure and human hair wigs now. There also have new arrival fake scalp wig and transparent lace frontal wigs for the most natural look.