Wigs, especially for human hair wigs, have been an essential beauty products for black women. When you are buying a wig, you should consider the hair density in wigs, because it determines whether the wig you wear on your head is too thick or too thin. So what is the hair density in human hair wigs? How do i choose the best wig density?

what is the hair density in human hair wigs


* What Is Hair Density In Wigs?

* Definition of Regular Wig Density

* Density Recommendations Based on Hair Length

* How To Choose the Best Wigs Density for Natural Look?

* How To Make High And Low Density Hairstyles Fit Your Hair?

* Video Of 150% Density In Curly Wig, Straight Wig, Body Wave Wig

What Is Hair Density In Wigs?

When you talk about hair density, you are talking about how thick or thin the hair on the wig will be. Generally speaking, it just the amount of hair used on each wig cap. So, the hair density determines how thick or thin the hair is. But, please note that hair density is not the volume of the hair.

For example, when compared with curly hair, wavy hair and straight hair. There still will be a difference in the volume even though they have the same density. At least in the eye of the viewer. This is especially true when you comb the hair out.

African mall wigs offer 130% density wig, 150% density wig and 180% density wig. There are also 100% density, 120% density, 200% density in the market, even 250% density wig. Then you need to learn how to tell the real density. Because some 250% density wigs just like our 180% density wig. Here are some reference for you.

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Definition of Regular Wig Density

100% Density Wig: This is lightweight compared to other densities. It's so light that it won't make you feel even wearing a wig. Very little hair on the wig cap. This density is for those who have natural thin or fine diameter hair and they want to imitate their natural texture. They said it looks more natural for them.

120% Density Wigs: This is the average standard density of human hair. Actually, if you have silky straight hair and Yaki straight hair, it is the most realistic of all densities. It is neither too thick nor too thin.

130% Density Wigs: Although these wigs are close to standard density, they are still medium weight wigs. Therefore, density is appropriate when looking for fullness or volume of hair. When looking at density, remember to consider volume, too.

150% Density Wigs: A nice density for ladies who want their hair to look natural with a little added fullness. A full style with a lot of bounce, body and movement. Some people feel that hair will distort the natural look of your full lace wig.

180% Density Wigs: This is high-density hair. Designed for those who want full volume hair. This density is heavy for clients who like a full style. If you want it to work best and look more natural, you should use it on long hair.

200% Density Wigs: This density is very heavy. Usually ordered by ladies who want their hair to look more attractive and more celebrity-like.

130% Density Vs 150% Density

130% and 150% density wig are the most two popular wigs density. 130% density is the standard density for any wig. It's not too thick or thin. Focus on the hairline so that it is ventilated at low density. On the other hand, 150 density is also a natural appearance, but the fullness is slightly increased. There is usually a lot of rebound and liquidity.

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Density Recommendations Based on Hair Length

Keep in mind that hair length should be considered when choosing hair density for your custom wig. For example, a density of 10 inches with 150% does not look like a density of 22 inches with 150%.

12 "- 16" 130% - 150%

18 "- 22" 150% - 180%

24 "- 30" 180% - 200%

Note: this is the reference for people who want to have the most natural look. You can choose any density of human hair wigs according to your demands. If you want more fullness/volume hair, choose the upper side of the range.

How To Choose the Best Wigs Density for Natural Look?

Here are some reference factors for you:

1. What is your natural hair density?

This is often essential when you want to mix hair with your natural hair. You should choose a density that looks much like your own hair. Also, if you want to look natural, you need to make your hair the same density as natural hair.

2. Your age

Age is related to thinning hair. The older you get, the thinner your hair will be. Therefore, if you want to look more natural, you should choose a lighter density rather than a heavier density. Although in this regard, I think thicker density might be good if you want to look younger.

3. The texture of wigs you like

For different human hair wig textures, the thickness will vary.

Curly human wigs look fuller than straight hair wigs. Short human hair wigs and human short hair wigs look fuller than long human wigs. Natural black human wigs look better than 613 gold human wigs and other colored human hair. Fuller wig.

4. Types of wig cap

Whether you are buying a full lace wig or a lace front wig, you will have different densities. I like the full lace wigs because the hair attaches naturally. Compared to buying lace front wig that requires minimal hair, the density is higher.

5. Personal preferences

Another factor deciding which density to choose is a personal preference. Maybe some women prefer thicker Remy wigs, while others prefer thinner, affordable wigs. Everyone will choose 100% human wigs according to her preferences.

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How To Make High And Low Density Hairstyles Fit Your Hair?

Essentially, when you choose a new hairstyle, density and thickness matter.

High density: For those who like high density, hair should be layered. Wearing it this way will make the hair look more realistic than square. For bob wigs style, you should buy longer bob hair.

Low density: If you like low density, you can still make it feel full and look full. Usually, most people go blunt to make their hair look plump. Also, consider cutting out the straight ends as this will increase the volume of the hair.

If you want human hair wigs, Africanmall offer 130% density, 150% density and 180% density lace wigs. The lace wigs are transparent lace wigs with glueless, pre plucked hairline, baby hair, no shedding, no tangles, smooth, soft, thick ends and cheap price.