Hoodies, Coats & Jackets, What Is The Difference?

Dec.25, 2020

Hoodies, Coats & Jackets, What Is The Difference

It’s a good questions. The words "coat" and "jacket" often have interchangeable meanings, although there is actually a key element that distinguishes them from each other. In any case, the wrong use of any one term is not a fatal mistake, but for people interested in clothing, it helps to understand the difference.


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First, let's get rid of the word "hoodie". A hoodie is usually understood as an unorganized, unlined outfit that can be worn on something else (for example, you would wear a T-shirt underneath)-and it has a hoodie. Basically, one of them ...

I would say that it is closer to a coat than a coat (for reasons you will see it in my definition of the word "coat"). However, I don't think "crop top hoodie" is the proper word to use to define the entire clothing category, just like a possible definition of "jacket" or "coat".

So it's kind of like a hoodie ... but no hoodie ... what do you call this kind of thing? I think the answer is a sweatshirt. It functions similarly to a jacket, but I can't call it a "jacket"-because jackets are usually designed for outdoor wear (such as rain coats), and clothes of this weight can be comfortably worn outside or inside.

Now, introduce the definition of coats & jackets 


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Basically, a jacket is something that covers the torso and arms, with its lowest point falling at or slightly below the waist.

A good example is leather jackets.

They cover the torso and arms, fall around the waist, or slightly lower-which makes them "jackets."

Now, except for the last point, this may not be new information for you. To put the premise of the difference into context, you can easily use the words "leather jacket" or "raincoat", right? These refer to different things, and they vary greatly in length-you will see these explanations in the definition of "coat" below.

It takes only two simple points to complete this definition ...

As far as hoodies / sweatshirts are concerned, they fall on the body very similar to a coat, which is why I think they are closer to anything than a "jacket". For this reason, clothing without a hood is often referred to as a "sport jacket."

For clothing like a blazer, you may have heard the term "sports jacket" or "sports coat" referring to clothing that is separate and not paired with matching pants. "Sports coat" and "sports jacket" is similar. That is a secondary language skill between British English and American English. Think of these two terms as synonyms. It's worth it that a sports jacket / coat is more casual than a blazer and might look like this ...

Another word used in this field to refer to a blazer style is "the trailblazer." That's the less casual version of the sports jacket /coat. It's usually as formal as a blazer, but sold as one, rather than two or three like a suit.


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In contrast to jackets, the succinct way to define "coats" is that coats are longer than jackets. Of course, this is very vague, so for clarity, there should be some definition. There is no accepted definition of this, but I personally believe that anything that extends beyond the knuckles and hangs his arms around him belongs to the field of "coats".

A jacket is slightly better than a hoodie ... most likely it's not made from a jersey like a sweatshirt. The quality of a coat is higher than a jacket, and definitely higher than a hoodie. I always associate my coat with winter and my coat with spring.

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