Why Is Victoria’s Secret Show Cancelled? Is It Related To Plus Size?

Mar.02, 2021

Two days ago, a news that Victoria’s secret will be cancelled shocked the entire the fashion world. Since the 1990s, Victoria's Secret Show has become a classic symbol. Every year, the big show will be broadcast on television, and it has been nearly 20 years since.

Why Is Victoria's Secret Show Cancelled This Year?

"Victoria's Secret" has been widely regarded as a small-size model with the same size and nature. Therefore, it has gradually been crowned with the suspicion of being sexy only for the slender girls. Various factors have made many people feel that the brand's trend is no longer there.

In the midst of a series of negative news and poor performance, Wei Mi, who has always refused to use large-size models, chosed Barbara Palvin, a model that was considered to be slightly fat, but still did not bring a turn for the brand.

Barbara Palvin

Is Victoria's Secret Show Cancelled Related To Plus Size?

Many people think that the brand’s narrow aesthetics is the biggest reason that they are going to enter history. In the past, Wei Mi gave everyone the impression that only models below 8 yards were selected. Marketing director Ed Razek once explained that they did not use large size Models, as no one is interested in this. This idea caused great debate at that time.

However, in the domestic and international clothing market, plus size equipment is an easy overlooked market. As far as the United States is concerned, there have been clothing e-commerce surveys among 1,500 American women. The survey results show that:

The retail industry ignores the needs of “plus size” women: 65% of women agree.

There are also “plus size” women in the fashion world: only 28% of women agree.

The “plus size” model represents this female group: only 31% of women agree.

Among those women, 92% agree with this statement: “I feel very sad when I can't find clothes of the right size.” In addition, 81% of women said that if there are more choices, they are willing to spend more. More money. 88% of women said that if those clothes are more fashionable, they will buy and buy more.

Therefore, Victoria’s secret was cancelled, related to its own aesthetics, and they did not keep up with the development of the times. Today's women, even obese women, can still live a wonderful life if they have the right size clothing and their own personality and confidence.

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