Why Should You Choose The Fake Scalp Wig?

Jun.18, 2020

When speaking human hair wigs, there are many different types of wigs on the beauty hair market, such as lace frontal wig, full lace wig, transparent wig and fake scalp wig. Fake scalp wig is quite a fashion trend these days. And many women know the common wig very well, if you still don’t know fake scalp wig and why should you choose the fake scalp wig. This blog will give you the answer.

choose fake scalp wig


* What is the fake scalp lace wig?

* Why you should choose the fake scalp lace wig?

* When do you need a fake scalp wig?

* Where to buy the best fake scalp wig?

What Is Fake Scalp Wig?

fake scalp wig

The fake scalp wig is a kind of wig that comes with pre-made fake bald cap under the front lace area, also as know as the pre-made fake scalp wig or pre-made bald cap wig. With this pre-made fake scalp method, you don’t have to wear wig cap.

JurllylShe/Africanmall fake scalp lace wig, it belongs lace front wig, which includes 13x6 fake scalp lace wig and 13x4 fake scalp lace wig. Because it is made of a 13x6 inches or 13x4 inches lace and fake scalp and rest of machine-made wig cap. It uses a 13x6 inches or 13x4 inches fake scalp as the wig’s head part. This kind of wig is made of 100% human hair, no shedding, no tangle and long lifespan.

Why Should You Choose Fake Scalp Wig?

The inspiration for pre-made fake scalp wig comes from the bald scalp-wearing method. It is designed to wear wigs without the need to wear and glue the stocking cap between natural hair and lace wigs. This is to hide black or dark natural hair so that the hair parting looks more natural.

The parting-line of pre-made fake scalp lace wig looks more natural.

The natural parting-line look results from both bleached knots and the pre-made fake scalp. The bleached knots make the black hair knots invisible, and the pre-made fake scalp hides your dark-color natural hair.

Pre-made fake scalp wigs are the most realistic wigs. The hairline is pre-plucked imitating our real hairline, that is, less density in the front and more hair in the back. The knot was pre-bleached and no black spots appeared. The fake scalp is pre-made and can be combined with the bleached knots for a natural skin parting.

In fact, bleaching knots are much more important than fake scalp. We usually have bleached the knots when make the wig, because if the wig already comes with a fake scalp, how do we bleach the hair knots at home.

Fake scalp wig is more fit the skin color, breathable and soft. The removable and adjustable elastic band is pre-sewed for glueless wearing.

body wave fake scalp wig

Simply Conclusion Features:

*100% human hair

*undetectable lace

*no bleaching needed

*pre plucked hairline, no tweezing

*no stocking cap needed, no bald cap needed

*no glue no cornrows needed

*ponytail, braids and bun,any hair style you want

When Do You Need A Fake Scalp Wig?

Actually, you can wear a fake scalp wig anytime and anywhere. But when we don’t want to wear extra stockings between natural hair and wigs, a fake scalp wig is the best choice.

If we want to take off the wig every night, it is more convenient to take off only the wig instead of the wig and stockings. Not to mention that the inventory cap is very fragile.

So, is a pre-made fake scalp necessary?

It all depends on you! If you wear a stocking cap inside, you don't need a fake scalp at all. If you don't want to wear an extra stocking cap inside the wig, choose a wig with a pre-made fake scalp to cover the natural hair from the parting area.

curly fake scalp wig

Where To Buy The Best Fake Scalp Wig?

After understanding so many features about the popular cheap fake scalp lace wigs, maybe you want to know where to buy the best fake scalp lace wigs, this is also the most concerned question that every women wants to know. Here, we want to recommend the JurllyShe.com to you.

We believe that you must purchase the best fake scalp lace wig with long lifespan, and the most important is the hair quality and hair material. The fake scalp wig is made of 100% virgin Remy human hair, cut from the head of the same donor, and collected in the same direction, which can  make the fake scalp lace wig does not shedding and become tangle. With proper care, the best fake scalp lace front wig will last about six to eight months.

JurllyShe/Africanmall hair offers 100% human hair wig, all the cheap fake scalp wigs are high quality hair with the best customer service, the popular fake scalp human hair wig hairstyles with body wave fake scalp wig, jerry curly fake scalp wig and straight fake scalp wig.